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Vim Plugin for Jasmine javascript testing

This is my first attempt at a vim plugin bundle. I’m sure there are dragons in here. :-)


I’m currently using Pathogen and am assuming you are too. That means you should be able to do:

git clone git://github.com/claco/jasmine.vim.git bundle/jasmine

inside of your ~/.vim directory. If you’re using submodules to track your bundles:

git submodule add git://github.com/claco/jasmine.vim.git bundle/jasmine
git submodule init
git submodule update

What it does

This plugin is pretty basic right now. It currently:

  • Sets *Spec.js and *SpecHelper.js files to filetype=jasmine.javascript syntax=jasmine
  • Sets *Spec.coffee and *SpecHelper.coffee files to filetype=jasmine.coffee syntax=jasmine
  • Applies basic syntax highlighting for jasmine keywords in addition to normal javascript syntax
  • Loads snippets for the jasmine filetype for:
    • desc: description block with before..it..expect
    • before: beforeEach block
    • after: afterEach block
    • it: it…expect block
    • helper: beforeEach block and addMatcher/matcher blocks for SpecHelper.js
    • matcher: matcher block for SpecHelper.js
    • expect: expect..to line
    • spy: spyOn method
  • Uses templates for new jasmine buffers
  • Runs all specs in jasmine:ci and shows Red/Green bar

You can disable templating by setting g:jasmine_use_templates=""

By default, the plugin assumes the templates are in bundle/jasmine/template and the snippets are in bundle/jasmine/snippets. You can override those by setting g:jasmine_snippets_directory and g:jasmine_templates_directory in your vimrc

Running Specs

I’m slowly working on interactive spec running support. Currently, the Jasmine() command is provided for jasmine buffers. When invoked, it searches the current/parent directories of that buffer for the nearest Rakefile and invokes rake jasmine:ci to run all specs.
Jasmine buffers now have compiler set to the jasmine compiler and leader-m is mapped to run :Jasmine → jasmine#run_tests → :make → rake jasmine:ci

If the specs fail, the bottom buffer status turns Red. If all specs pass, the status turns Green.

I plan on adding quickfix error support.


  • Add commands/functions to run a spec, a spec file
  • Add QuickFix error buffer support
  • docs help file