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Welcome to my bizarre attempt to use Template Toolkit templates with .NET. My ultimate goal is to turn this into a ViewEngine for ASP.NET MVC

Rather than writing my own parser/lexer, I'm attempting to use ANTLR as the Parser/Lexer grammer which outputs an AST. The AST is then translated into C# using StringBuilder as part of ANTLR itself. The resulting source is compiled and run.

I chose to use Lexer/Parser->AST->Template assuming that once the grammar is written, we can use the parser to ouput VB.NET or any other language using the appropriate templates.

I'm starting simple (GET/SET) and working may out from there. Something should be easy. Some things fill be harder (FILTER), and some things won't translate at all (PERL blocks).

P.S. I have no clue what I'm doing. Most of this stuff was way over my head when I started, but somehow I have some simple syntac working all the way through the process. :-)

  - implicit variable get [% variable %]
  - explicit variable get [% GET variable %]
  - variable fallback from Process(data) to Settings(variables)
  - implicit variable set [% variable = x %], where x is string, number, decimal
  - explicit variable set [% SET variable = x %], where x is string, number, decimal
  - set defaults [% DEFAULT variable = x %], where x is string, number, decimal
  - multiple defaults in one block
			foo = 1
			bar = 'baz'
			baz = 2.34
  - multiple sets in one block
		[% SET
			foo = 1
			bar = 'baz'
			baz = 2.34
  - basic if statement  [% IF variable %]  [% variable %]   [% END %]
  - basic foreach statment  [% FOREACH i IN variable %]   [% i %]   [% END %]
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