implementation of IOX API
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iox-ili - implementation of iox API


  • INTERLIS 2 reader/writer
  • INTERLIS 1 reader/writer
  • CSV reader/writer
  • eCH-118 (GML) reader/writer
  • Validator
  • from/to JTS geometry conversion



How to use?


iox-ili is licensed under the MIT/X License.

Latest Version

To get the latest version of iox-ili, visit GitHub:

System Configuration

In order to compile iox-ili, a JAVA software development kit JDK version 1.6 or a more recent version must be installed on your system. Download and install the latest version of the JAVA software development kit JDK for free: To build the iox-ili, use gradle. Download gradle from: and install it.

How to compile iox-ili?

  • Enter the command: gradle build on the commandline prompt.

How to build a binary distribution?

  • Enter the command: gradle bindist on the commandline prompt.