The source code for, a practical guide to web typography.
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This is the source code for, a practical guide to web typography which translates some aspects of The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst.

The site was initially launched in December 2005 by Richard Rutter.

The markup still holds up but you might consider the CSS to be a bit... 2005. The site was built using a fluid layout so while it's not fully responsive (at the time of writing) it is pretty flexible.


The site runs on PHP and probably requires PHP 5 to be safe (although I suspect PHP 4 will work just fine too). That's all really. Just download the zip into a folder and set yourself up with a virtual host and you're away. If you want the webfonts to work, you'll need to use the domain "" as your virtual hostname.

Adding new items

The site builds upon the individual guidelines written in Bringhurst's book. To add a new guideline, you should add an entry in the PHP array in /includes/ and then create an HTML file with the main content in the /items folder.