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Walkabout is your mobile tour guide for iOS, serving as an alternative to private tour guides or large tour groups. When you approach one of Walkabout's monuments, the app voices a brief description and history, and displays a photo and text transcript. Walkabout features eight monuments, and may be expanded to include many more.

Team: Andrew Kim Devin Mandelbaum Claire Samuels Zander Nelson

#General Instructions

  1. At opening, the application displays a fullscreen map centered on your location.
  2. Your location is marked with a blue dot. Monuments are marked with Walkabout's icon.
  3. When you step within range of a monument, it automatically switches to a detail view and starts audio narration.
  4. The detail view displays a photo of the monument and a text transcript of the narration. At the top is a tab bar for toggling detail and map views. Above the text are audio controls.
  5. The audio controls let you restart, play/resume, and pause.
  6. When you go out of range of the monument, the you're returned to the fullscreen map.

#Technical Details

  • Walkabout was written in React Native, primarily in JavaScript ES6.
  • We wrote our own geofencing algorithm, using the Pythagorean Theorem to establish our distance from each monument.
  • We used React-Native-Sound as our audio player, and MapView Component to display our maps and follow the user's location.
  • We used the built-in Location Services via Background Geolocation for React Native to acquire the current position of the user.