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Example of using stomp with hornetq.


Start server with lein hornetq-server. lein hornetq-server :security-enabled false

Start a REPL with the project classpath (e.g. lein swank).

Make the queues in the server. (require 'stomp-example.core-api) (stomp-example.core-api/make-queues)

Start the service. (require 'stomp-example.stomp) (def service (stomp-example.stomp/run-service))

Run the consumer. (stomp-example.stomp/consumer)

You should see something like:

Consumer connected
Consumer subscribed
Consumer sent message
{:body {:type :MESSAGE, :headers {:destination /queue/consumer, :message-id 4294967313, :content-length 20, :priority 0, :subscription subscription//queue/consumer, :expires 0, :redelivered false, :timestamp 1295137286538}, :body Hello: i'm a message}}


Copyright (C) 2010, 2011 Hugo Duncan

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License.