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The /v/idya Gaem Awards

This repository contains all the files and database schema used to run the Vidya Gaem Awards website.

The /v/GAs are a community project, and in keeping with this spirit the codebase is available under the MIT License.


  • PHP 7.3
  • A MySQL or MariaDB database. (An SQLite database is sufficient for local development.)
  • Composer

Getting started

  1. Clone the repo to a server of your choice.
  2. Copy .env.dist to .env and adjust as needed.
    • You will need a Steam Web API key for the login to work. You can get one from here.
    • Leave the value of DYNAMIC_TEMPLATES as false until the database has been initalized.
  3. Run composer install.
  4. Run bin/console app:init-db to set up the database.

Local development

While developing, you can use PHP's built in web server to serve the website by running the following:

php -S localhost:8080 -t public

This will allow you to access the website at http://localhost:8080.

Generating results

Running this command will generate the results for all awards:

bin/console app:results

Keep in mind that only votes with a voting code are included in the final results. Go to /vote/code to get a valid voting link.

In production, it's a good idea to add this command to a cron job or a scheduled task (depending on your operating system). If you're running the site on a machine with crontab available, you can set CRON_JOB_MANAGEMENT=true in .env which will allow you to control whether it's running or not from the frontend (/config/cron).

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