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module Roguestar.Lib.PersistantData
{----- CHARACTER -----}
data CharacterClass = StarChild
deriving (Eq,Enum,Bounded,Read,Show,Ord)
{----- POWER UPS -----}
-- |
-- Cause a character to advance in level or to gain a specific CharacterClass.
data PowerUpData =
-- Award a character points. If the character gain enough points to advance in character class,
-- then do this, otherwise, he just accumulates the points.
AwardCharacter Integer
-- Apply a specific CharacterClass to a character. If he already has this CharacterClass,
-- then we back off and give him the points instead.
| ForceCharacter CharacterClass
deriving (Eq,Read,Show)
{----- PLANETS -----}
data PlanetRegion = NonAlignedRegion | CyborgRegion
deriving (Eq,Ord,Read,Show)
{----- BUILDINGS -----}
data Building = Building { building_behavior :: BuildingBehavior,
building_signal :: Maybe BuildingSignal }
deriving (Read,Show)
data BuildingBehavior = PowerUp PowerUpData | TwoWayStargate PlanetRegion | OneWayStargate PlanetRegion
deriving (Eq,Read,Show)
data BuildingShape = Monolith | Anchor | Portal | CyberGate
deriving (Eq,Ord,Read,Show)
data BuildingSignal = Magnetic
deriving (Eq,Read,Show)
data BuildingPrototype = BuildingPrototype { -- TODO: does this data structure really need to be persistant?
buildingproto_behavior :: BuildingBehavior,
buildingproto_shape :: BuildingShape,
buildingproto_signal :: Maybe BuildingSignal }
deriving (Eq,Read,Show)
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