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name: roguestar-gl
version: 0.5
cabal-version: >=1.2
license: OtherLicense
license-file: LICENSE
author: Christopher Lane Hinson <>
maintainer: Christopher Lane Hinson <>
category: Game
synopsis: Sci-fi roguelike (turn-based, chessboard-tiled, role playing) game
description: Roguestar is a science fiction themed roguelike (turn-based,
chessboard-tiled, role playing) game written in Haskell. Roguestar uses
OpenGL for graphics. This is still a very early release.
The git repository is available at <>.
build-type: Simple
tested-with: GHC==6.12.1
hs-source-dirs: src
exposed-modules: Processes, Initialization, DrawString, Config, KeyStroke, PrintText, Globals
other-modules: Quality, ProtocolTypes, VisibleObject,
Strings, WordGenerator, Driver,
PrintTextData, Animation,
Actions, Limbs, Tables, CommandLine,
Models.Androsynth, Models.QuestionMark, Models.Terrain, Models.RecreantFactory,
Models.Recreant, Models.Glows, Models.Materials, Models.Reptilian,
Models.Library, Models.MachineParts, Models.LibraryData, Models.Caduceator,
Models.Tree, Models.Encephalon, Models.PhaseWeapons, RenderingControl,
Keymaps.BuiltinKeymaps, Keymaps.CommonKeymap, Keymaps.NumpadKeymap,
Keymaps.Keymaps, Keymaps.VIKeymap, AnimationBuildings, Models.Node,
Models.Stargate, Statistics, Models.Sky, Scene, Models.Spheres,
Models.EnergySwords, Models.EnergyThings, Models.CyborgType4,
AnimationEvents, AnimationMenus, AnimationTerrain, AnimationTools,
AnimationExtras, AnimationCreatures, AnimationBuildings, MaybeArrow,
EventUtils, Sky, CreatureData, AnimationVortex,
build-depends: base>=4&&<5,
GLUT>=2.2 && < 2.3,
containers>= && < 0.4,
arrows>= && < 0.5,
mtl>= && < 1.2,
MonadRandom>=0.1.4 && < 1.2,
OpenGL>= && < 2.5,
filepath>= && < 1.2,
random>= && < 1.1,
bytestring>= && < 0.10,
stm>= && < 2.2,
priority-sync>= && < 0.2.2
ghc-options: -threaded -fno-warn-type-defaults -fexcess-precision
ghc-prof-options: -prof -auto-all
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