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name: rsagl
license: BSD3
license-file: LICENSE
author: Christopher Lane Hinson
maintainer: Christopher Lane Hinson <>
category: Graphics, FRP
synopsis: The RogueStar Animation and Graphics Library
description: RSAGL, the RogueStar Animation and Graphics Library,
was specifically designed for a computer game called
roguestar, but effort has been made to make it accessable
to other projects that might benefit from it. It includes
mathematical utilities, a 3D modeling language based on
parametric surfaces, and an arrow-based FRP framework.
The git repository is available at <>.
cabal-version: >= 1.2
build-type: Simple
tested-with: GHC==6.12.1
exposed-modules: RSAGL.Animation, RSAGL.Modeling, RSAGL.FRP, RSAGL.Scene, RSAGL.Math, RSAGL.Math.FMod,
RSAGL.RayTrace.RayTrace, RSAGL.Math.Ray,
RSAGL.Modeling.Material, RSAGL.Modeling.BoundingBox,
RSAGL.Math.Vector, RSAGL.Animation.KinematicSensors, RSAGL.Modeling.RSAGLColors,
RSAGL.Modeling.Extrusion, RSAGL.Modeling.Color,
RSAGL.FRP.Time, RSAGL.Math.Matrix,
RSAGL.Math.Affine, RSAGL.Math.WrappedAffine, RSAGL.Math.CurveExtras,
RSAGL.Scene.Scene, RSAGL.Animation.InverseKinematics, RSAGL.FRP.FRP,
RSAGL.Math.RK4, RSAGL.Animation.AnimationExtras, RSAGL.Math.Interpolation,
RSAGL.Modeling.Model, RSAGL.Modeling.Deformation,
RSAGL.Modeling.Noise, RSAGL.Modeling.Tesselation,
RSAGL.Modeling.ModelingExtras, RSAGL.Animation.Animation,
RSAGL.Math.Curve, RSAGL.Math.Angle, RSAGL.Modeling.Optimization,
RSAGL.Scene.CoordinateSystems, RSAGL.Math.Orthagonal,
RSAGL.Scene.LightSource, RSAGL.RayTrace.Scattering,
RSAGL.Extras.Sky, RSAGL.Extras.ColorPhysics,
RSAGL.Modeling.BakedModel, RSAGL.FRP.FactoryArrow, RSAGL.Auxiliary.RecombinantState,
RSAGL.Types, RSAGL.FRP.Accumulation, RSAGL.FRP.FRPModel
other-modules: RSAGL.Modeling.OpenGLPrimitives, RSAGL.Auxiliary.Auxiliary, RSAGL.Auxiliary.ApplicativeWrapper
ghc-options: -fno-warn-type-defaults -fexcess-precision
ghc-prof-options: -prof -auto-all
build-depends: base>=4 && <5,
old-time>= && < 1.1,
random>= && < 1.1,
array>= && < 0.4,
arrows>= && < 0.5,
containers>= && < 0.4,
parallel>= && < 2.3,
mtl>= && < 1.2,
OpenGL>= && < 2.3,
GLUT>= && < 2.2,
parsec>=3.1.0 && < 3.2,
Vec>=0.9.8 && < 0.10,
stm>= && < 2.2,
data-memocombinators>= 0.4.0 && < 0.5
Executable _rsagl_process_colors
main-is: ProcessColors.hs
ghc-options: -fno-warn-type-defaults -fexcess-precision
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