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name: roguestar-engine
version: 0.2.1
license: OtherLicense
license-file: LICENSE
author: Christopher Lane Hinson
maintainer: Christopher Lane Hinson <>
category: Game
synopsis: Sci-fi roguelike (turn-based, chessboard-tiled, role playing) game
description: Roguestar is a science fiction themed roguelike (turn-based,
chessboard-tiled, role playing) game written in Haskell. This package
provides the core game engine; you'll probably want to also install the
OpenGL client.
This initial release allows you to play one of six alien races. You begin
the game stranded on an alien planet, fighting off an endless hoard of
hostile robots.
The Darcs repository is available at <>.
build-depends: base>3, containers, array, old-time, random, mtl, MaybeT
build-type: Simple
tested-with: GHC==6.8.2
executable: roguestar-engine
main-is: Main.hs
hs-source-dirs: src
other-modules: VisibilityData, Stats, FactionData, Behavior, Alignment,
PlaneData, Grids, Perception, SegHopList, PlaneVisibility,
Terrain, SegmentList, Turns, Plane, CreatureData,
AttributeData, StatsData, Protocol, Character, Tool,
ListUtils, Substances, HierarchicalDatabase, Travel, ToolData,
CharacterData, Creature, Facing, DBPrivate, Dice,
RNG, Species, Position, TerrainData, Combat,
RandomUtils, Tests, DBData, GridRayCaster, BeginGame,
SpeciesData, TimeCoordinate, Attribute, DB, HopList,
ghc-options: -Wall -threaded -fno-warn-type-defaults
ghc-prof-options: -prof -auto-all
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