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Open source, 3D, Science-fiction, roguelike game.

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Roguestar: Meta-Package / Maintainer's Package README

This git repository contains all of the packages that make up roguestar.

The binary packages:

* roguestar-engine
* roguestar-gl
* rsagl-demos

And the library packages:

* rsagl (RogueStar Animation and Graphics Library)

The library packages must be installed before the binary packages can
even be configured.

Maintainer Scripts

To facilitate maintenance, there is a `Makefile` that contains
numerous convenient maintainer scripts.

install-deps  [-e OPTS=cabal install opts]
:             Use cabal to install all dependencies not in the
:             haskell-platform.

clean         [-e OPTS=cabal clean opts]
:             Restore everything to a pristine state.

install       [-e OPTS=cabal install opts]
:             Install everything using cabal.

dev           [-e OPTS=cabal install opts]
:             Install everything using cabal, with -Wall on.

sdist         -e "VERSION=0.5" [-e OPTS=cabal sdist opts]
:             Perform a cabal sdist, and gather everything under roguestar-sdist.
:             The version parameter is required and must reflect the version number in cabal.

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