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This extension connects coc.nvim to the clangd language server.

Quick Start

  1. install Node.js. coc.nvim and coc-clangd run on Node.js.
  2. install coc.nvim. Instructions using vim-plug (check out coc.nvim Wiki other options):
    • add to .vimrc: vim Plug 'neoclide/coc.nvim', {'branch': 'release'}
    • in vim, run :PlugInstall
  3. in vim, run :CocInstall coc-clangd
  4. coc-clangd will try to find clangd from your $PATH, if not found, you can run :CocCommand clangd.install to install the latest release from GitHub
  5. follow Project setup to generate compile_commands.json for your project

Note: If you've configured clangd as a languageServer in coc-settings.json, you should remove it to avoid running clangd twice!

Protocol extensions

clangd supports some extensions that are not in the official Language Server Protocol specification.

coc-clangd adds support for:

  • Switching between header and implementation file: :CocCommand clangd.switchSourceHeader
    • You can open in split buffer by :CocCommand clangd.switchSourceHeader vsplit
  • File status monitor, shows on NeoVim statusline
  • Describe symbol under the cursor: :CocCommand clangd.symbolInfo
  • Completions that adjust text near the cursor (e.g. correcting . to ->)


:CocConfig opens your global coc-settings.json. :CocLocalConfig opens local configuration for your project ($PROJECTROOT/.vim/coc-settings.json)

Configurations Description Default
clangd.enabled enable coc-clangd true
clangd.arguments arguments for clangd server []
clangd.checkUpdates check for clangd language server updates on startup false
clangd.disableCompletion disable completion source from clangd false
clangd.disableDiagnostics disable diagnostics from clangd false
clangd.disableSnippetCompletion disable completion snippet from clangd false
clangd.disableProgressNotifications disable indexing progress notifications from clangd false
clangd.compilationDatabasePath specifies the directory containing the compilation database ''
clangd.fallbackFlags extra clang flags used to parse files when no compilation database is found []
clangd.path path to clangd executable clangd
clangd.inlayHints.enable whether to enable the Inlay Hints feature true


  • clangd.switchSourceHeader: switch between source/header files
  • clangd.symbolInfo: resolve symbol info under the cursor
  • clangd.memoryUsage: show memory usage
  • clangd.ast: show AST
  • clangd.install: install latest clangd release from GitHub
  • clangd.update: check for updates to clangd from GitHub


Apache 2.0 with LLVM Exception

This is the standard LLVM license.

This extension is built with create-coc-extension