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Demo pull request bot to illustrate continuous integration preview environments

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The clare-bot application polls for GitHub notifications like @clare-bot mentions and performs actions. For example, whitelisted GitHub users (namely, @clareliguori) can mention @clare-bot with a command "preview this" in a pull request to provision a preview environment. See this pull request for an example interaction, and see this presentation for a demo.

Built with GitHub APIs, AWS Fargate, AWS CodeBuild, Amazon ECR, and AWS CloudFormation

How does clare-bot work?

The clare-bot container constantly polls the GitHub Notifications APIs for any mentions of the @clare-bot username on GitHub pull requests. If the mentioner is whitelisted, clare-bot attempts to set up a preview environment in the same AWS account. The clare-bot provisioning behavior is hard-coded to look for a buildspec.yml file in order to complete a CodeBuild build, and then to look for a template.yml file in the build artifact to use as a CloudFormation template for the preview environment.

Set up your own bot

Create a GitHub user for your bot, like @clare-bot.

Update the user's notification settings to select all "Web" notifications instead of "Email", and to "Automatically watch repositories".

Invite the bot as a collaborator of your GitHub Repository.

Create a personal access token for the bot user with the following scopes:

  • repo (Full control of private repositories)
  • notifications (Access notifications)

Store the token in AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store:

aws ssm put-parameter --region us-west-2 --name your-bot-name-github-token --type SecureString --value <personal access token>

Grab the default VPC ID and default VPC subnets:

VPC_ID=`aws ec2 describe-vpcs --region us-west-2 --filters "Name=isDefault, Values=true" --query 'Vpcs[].VpcId' --output text`

SUBNET_IDS=`aws ec2 describe-subnets --region us-west-2 --filters "Name=vpc-id,Values=$VPC_ID","Name=default-for-az,Values=true" --query 'Subnets[].SubnetId' --output text | tr "\\t" ","`

Provision the stack in CloudFormation with the bot disabled:

aws cloudformation deploy --region us-west-2 \
    --stack-name your-bot-name \
    --template-file template.yml \
    --capabilities CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM \
    --parameter-overrides \
        Vpc=$VPC_ID \
        Subnets=$SUBNET_IDS \
        BotUser=<bot's GitHub username> \
        WhitelistedUsers=<your GitHub username> \
        GitHubTokenParameter=your-bot-name-github-token \

Build and push the Docker image:

ECR_REPO=`aws ecr describe-repositories --region us-west-2 --repository-names your-bot-name --output text --query 'repositories[0].repositoryUri'`
echo $ECR_REPO

$(aws ecr get-login --no-include-email --region us-west-2)

docker build -t your-bot-name .

docker tag your-bot-name $ECR_REPO

docker push $ECR_REPO

Enable the bot:

aws cloudformation deploy --region us-west-2 \
    --stack-name your-bot-name \
    --template-file template.yml \
    --capabilities CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM \
    --parameter-overrides BotEnabled=Yes

Test Locally

GITHUB_TOKEN=`aws ssm get-parameter --name your-bot-name-github-token --with-decryption --query 'Parameter.Value' --output text`
docker run --rm -v $HOME/.aws:/root/.aws:ro -e AWS_REGION=us-west-2 -e githubToken=$GITHUB_TOKEN your-bot-name


Demo pull request bot to illustrate continuous integration preview environments






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