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What I was trying to Do
Exercise One
I was trying to follow the instructions so that I could look through the "nice" databases and explore.
Exercise Two
I used wget to download a portion of the Equity papers.
Exercise Four
I was supposed to use the APIs in JSON format through the Canadiana Discovery Portal. I followed the steps easily and completed the
exercise better than I had expected.
Exercise Five
This exercise was supposed to install a program called Twarc and then allow for the mining of Twitter data.
What I did
Exercise One
It took me a few minutes to figure out how to download and open the csv files. I opened them in LibreOffice Calc
spreadsheet program and selected the category titled "modern country" and ran a chart output on it. I tried several ways
and was not able to create useful charts. I switched to Google's spreadsheet program and found this worked much simpler.
I completed the exercise as it was described.
However, when I tried to commit my nano file "Week2Exercise1" to the correct repo and save it, I saved it and then pushed
it to github in the wrong repo. Mayham followed as I tried to use my very limited knowledge to take the file out again.
I then accidently removed it completely (after saving it to github) and was at a loss to retrieve it.
Classmate sarahmcole tried to assist me by showing me some of her similar mistakes and her solutions. This was helpful
but did not recover my files. I turned to my brother who easily showed me how to copy the github copy back onto DH Box
and extract it from its repo. I then placed it in the correct repo "Week2" and followed the steps from last week to add,
commit and save it properly. He then reminded me to put it back on github, which I have done.
Exercise Two
Apart from having a bit of difficulty with my command lines again, I did not find this exercise difficult. It was taking a
long time to download, so after 5 minutes or so, I stopped the download and just examined what I found.
The files were incomplete because of poor OCR, but I can see how it would be useful.
Exercise Four
I did not have trouble following this exercise. I just do not really understand how it is useful and
when I am supposed to use it.
We are getting introduced to so many new programs and concepts that even when I complete them and
they make sense in the moment, I don't understand how or why to use them independently. Maybe this
is a fault of my own because of how I am used to learning and the condensed schedule.
I'm just not sure what is really going on sometimes.
Exercise Five
I did not have trouble creating the Twarc and running the search. I stopped the search on Canada150 twice
half-way through because it was taking a really long time.
I had trouble converting it to a csv file. After trying to vary the code slightly by myself, I noticed that sarahmcole had the same problem with the
file being read as one line rather than several smaller ones. I had assistance modifying and using her
python code (thanks sarahmcole!)
and was able to generate the csv code.
Things that were hard
Exercise One
The actual exercise was not hard, it showed how useful and what the limitations are on exploring data that way.
However, the command line stuff still confused me and I had a great deal of difficulty navigating it. See my file
to demonstrate my problems.
Exercise Five
I did not understand the nature of the error message (it read it as one file, rather than many) and
am not familiar enough to sort it out independently. I had to rely on others (a hard lesson for a traditionally
trained scholar and a type-A personality) and spend a lot of time doing what felt like confusing and
delicate work on the command line. I think the most confusing part is still working out the relationships between all the
commands and the sequences of events/ when to add, commit, push. This language is different than
the "save, copy, paste" I am used to. It is also hard to understand what is happening "behind the
scenes" cause I can't see the immediate results of commands.
Thoughts on where to go next
I should revisit the command line later this week and work through some basic exercises in order to get a better grasp on the new language.