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Welcome to the TestAutomationFramework wiki!

Getting started

To get going we suggest starting with the Getting started.

To enable TAF via maven dependency reference, please put the following in your pom.xml file dependencies section:


Of course you can replace the LATEST version tag with whichever version tag you want to use. Release history can be found at

TAF Introduction

For a more comprehensive documentation on the TAF architecture, look into the TAF Introduction. The TAF introduction originally was an architecture document, and as such also include information on

  • The basics concepts behind TAF
  • How-to's
  • Code components
  • Reporting plug-in structure
  • Technology driver plug-in structure
  • Information structure
  • Naming conventions
  • Coding guidelines
  • Command line interface usage

...and more.

Much of this information now also exist on this Wiki, but on separate pages.

Contributors are also welcome to our task board

We currently use GitHub for task management. We'll grant permission for any contributor.

Closing remarks


This framework was developed and is being maintained by Claremont AB.

References and other documentation

Method documentation can be generated from comments in the code. Example documents and code samples can be found within this project. An introduction to the framework is being developed. Sample logs, suggested implementation strategy, driver suggestions and so forth may be requested.

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