An introductory app used for the application of Apple WWDC 2015 Scholarship.
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Clarence Ji is the name of an iOS app that was used to apply for Apple Worldwide Developer Conference student scholarship in 2015. It is not and will not be pushlished on the App Store due to the App Review Policy, however, this app helped me win the scholarship and made me possible to attend the conference.
The main technical achievement is the use of barometers that were added to iPhone 6 and later models. The theme (bright / dark) changes depending on the readings from barometer.

Usage of Altimeter in iPhone

This project makes use of the CMAltimeter class in CoreMotion framework to get readings from the built-in altimeter in any iPhone later than iPhone 6.

More details about the app can be found on Pinterest
Also you can read my WWDC story on my personal website.