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Repository system changelog

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  • The large clarin-sp-metadata.xml file was removed and split into one file per service provider inside the metadata/ directory. This will enable service provider operators to manage their own metadata in a separate file.
  • Created a new aggregated QA report page featuring a filter input box for quickly finding SPs or issues.
  • The new aggregated QA report page now includes information about the last modification date, as well as the commit responsible for it (directly linking to github) to facilitate the matching between the metadata modifications and the QA report outcomes.
  • Introduced individual reports for each SP containing all information above (but discarding unnecessary fields and features). The individual reports are accessible via the "entityID" links in the aggregated QA report and should provide SP operators with a more focused view on the QA assessment of their specific SP.
  • After a pull request is merged into master and the new QA reports are generated by the CI pipeline, a bot writes a comment on the pull request mentioning and linking the individual SP reports which changed due to this pull request. This clarifies the direct impact that the specific PR had on the QA assessment.
  • The production branch was removed and replaced by releases. From now on, the metadata changes will be propagated to our feeds as soon as a new release of the master branch is created by the repository operator.

To illustrate the functioning of the new system, see this example pull request.

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