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This project aims to develop a TEI customisation for annotating parliamentary debates.

The proposed format is centered on storing and interchanging linguistically annotated corpora of parliamentary data to be used in scholarly research.

Readable documentation can be found on, while the project Wiki gives instructions on how to validate your corpus against the Parla-CLARIN schema and how to modify the schema for your own needs.

The project contains the following folders:

  • Schema: The TEI ODD for the Parla-CLARIN annotation schema and derived XML schemas in in various formats (RelaxNG, W3C schema and DTD)
  • Examples: Examples of parliamentary debates from various project that serve as examples of the Parla-CLARIN encoding
  • bin: Scripts for conversion and validation of the Parla-CLARIN TEI ODD schema and supporting documents
  • docs: Documentation in HTML, automatically derived from the Parla-CLARIN TEI ODD (and available from