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Diawi Plugin

Diawi Plugin

The Diawi plugin will allow you to upload iOS and Android apps (.ipa, .apk, .zip) to Diawi from Clarive in an automated way.

What is Diawi

Diawi is a tool for developers to deploy developments and applications directly to the devices.


To install the plugin, place the cla-diawi-plugin folder inside $CLARIVE_BASE/plugins directory in the Clarive instance.

Upload Diawi App

The parameters available are:

  • Token (token) - Token to access to Diawi taken from your Diawi user preferences.
  • File Path (file_path) - Full path to the application file.
  • Diawi Parameters (diawi_args) - You can add custom parameters for the Diawi API. You can find them at Diawi website.

How to use

In Clarive EE

Once the plugin is placed in its folder, you can find this service in the palette in the section of generic service and can be used like any other palette op.

Op Name: Upload Diawi App


      Token: apedikeksileshfi
      File Path: ${CLARIVE_BASE}/file.ipa
      Diawi Parameters: 
        comment=My first tab

In Clarive SE


If you want to use the plugin through the Rulebook, in any do block, use this ops as examples to configure the different parameters:

rule: Diawi demo
   - diawi_upload:
      token: 'apedikeksileshfi'               # Required
      file_path: '${CLARIVE_BASE}/file.ipa'   # Required
      diawi_args: ['comment=My first tab', '']

The plugin will return the Request output.

Possible configuration failures

Upload failed

The service will return the output from the Diawi API.

Variable required

Error in rulebook (compile): Required argument(s) missing for op "diawi_upload": "token"

Make sure you have all required variables defined.

Not allowed variable

Error in rulebook (compile): Argument `Token` not available for op "diawi_upload"

Make sure you are using the correct paramaters (make sure you are writing the variable names correctly).

More questions?

Feel free to join Clarive Community to resolve any of your doubts.