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PHP Plugin

PHP Plugin

The PHP plugin will allow you to execute PHP code on the server of your choice in Clarive and to view its result.

What is PHP

PHP is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.


To be able to use the plugin correctly, you must have PHP installed on the server where you wish to execute the code.


To install the plugin, place the cla-php-plugin folder inside $CLARIVE_BASE/plugins directory in the Clarive instance.

How to Use

Once the plugin is placed in its folder, you can start using it by going to your Clarive instance.

After restarting your Clarive instance, you will have a new palette service called 'Run PHP Code'.


The service creates a temp file with the inserted code, this file is sent and executed on the target server.

The parameters available for this service are:

  • Server (php_server) - The GenericServer Resource where you wish to execute the code.
  • User (user) - User which will be used to connect to the server.
  • PHP path (php_path) - Full path for PHP launching script, including the file. If you leave it empty, the plugin will launch php as a system environment variable.
  • PHP parameters (php_args) - Additional flags for the PHP command.
  • Remote temp path (remote_temp_path) - Temporally path where the code will be stored and executed.
  • Code Editor (code) - Contains the script to be executed.

Only Clarive EE

  • Errors and Output - These two fields deal with managing control errors. The options are:
    • Fail and Output Error - Search for the configured error pattern in the script output. If found, an error message is displayed in the monitor showing the match.
    • Warning and Output warning - Search for configured warning pattern in script output. If found, an error message is displayed in the monitor showing the match.
    • Custom - If the Errors combo is set to custom, a new form is displayed to define the behavior with the following fields:
    • Ok - Range of return code values for the script to have succeeded. No message will be displayed in the monitor.
    • Warn - Range of return code values to warn the user. A warning will be displayed in the monitor.
    • Error - Range of return code values for the script to have failed. An error message will be displayed in the monitor.

In Clarive EE

You can find this service in the Rule Designer palette.

Op Name: Run PHP code


      Server: php_server
      user: clarive_user
      PHP path: /usr/bin/php
      PHP parameters: -f
      Remote temp path: /tmp
      Code Editor: <?php echo "Hello world"; ?>

In Clarive SE


If you want to use the plugin through the Rulebook, in any do block, use this ops as examples to configure the different parameters:

rule: PHP Demo
       server: php_server # Required. Use the mid set to the resource you created
       php_path: '/usr/bin/php' # Required
       php_args: ["-f"]
       user: ${username}
       remote_temp_path: "/tmp"
       code: |                  # Required
                echo 'hello world';

The plugin will return all the console output you set in the PHP code.

rule: PHP Demo
    - myvar = php_script:
       server: php_server
       php_path: '/usr/bin/php'
       php_args: ["-f"]
       user: 'clarive_user'
       remote_temp_path: "/tmp"
       code: |
                echo 'hello world';
    - echo: ${myvar}

For this command the output will be similar to this one:

hello world;
Possible configuration failures

Code failed

Error running remote script

Make sure that the option is available and you code is correct to be executed in PHP.

Variable required

Error in rulebook (compile): Required argument(s) missing for op "php_script": "server"

Make sure you have all required variables defined.

Not allowed variable

Error in rulebook (compile): Argument `Code` not available for op "php_script"

Make sure you are using the correct paramaters (make sure you are writing the variable names correctly).

More questions?

Feel free to join Clarive Community to resolve any of your doubts.


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