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Tibco Plugin

Tibco Plugin

Tibco Plugin is designed to be able to execute Tibco BW tasks as part of the application deployment process


To install the plugin place the cla-tibco-plugin folder inside $CLARIVE_BASE/plugins directory in Clarive's instance.

Once the plugin is placed in its folder, you can start using it going to your Clarive's instance.

Tibco Server

To configurate the Tibco Instance Resource:

In Clarive SE: Resources -> ClariveSE.

In Clarive EE: Resources -> Tibco.

  • URL - This is the Tibco url.
  • API URL - This is the Tibco API url.
  • Key - User for Tibco Server.
  • Secret - Password for Tibco connection.


	key: sdfap98145ulnañgd6'9p8urijnñqdl
	secret: yhp000fahsduyhgblkja

More questions?

Feel free to join Clarive Community to resolve any of your doubts.

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