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Tomcat Plugin

Tomcat Plugin

Tomcat Plugin is designed to be able to deploy J2EE application WAR files in Tomcat webservers.

What is Tomcat?

The Apache Tomcat software is an open source implementation of the Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages, Java Expression Language and Java WebSocket technologies.


To install the plugin place the cla-tomcat-plugin folder inside $CLARIVE_BASE/plugins directory in Clarive's instance.

Once the plugin is placed in its folder, you can start using it going to your Clarive's instance.

Tomcat Instance

To configurate the Tomcat Instance Resource open:

In Clarive SE: Resources -> ClariveSE.

In Clarive EE: Resources -> Tomcat.

This Resource is to save your Tomcat Server parameters:

  • URL - This is the Tomcat url.
  • Port - The Tomcat server port.
  • User - User for Tomcat Server.
  • Password - Password for Tomcat connection.


	URL: http://mytomcatserver
	Port: 8080
	User: clarive
	Password: mySecr3tpassw0rd

Service configuration


This service will deploy a WAR file on a Tomcat Server Resource.

  • Tomcat server (variable name: instance) - The server you want to deploy the WAR file to.
  • WAR file path (war_path) - The path on the remote server where the WAR file to deploy is located.
  • Application path (app_path) - The application path in the Tomcat server where the application will be deployed.
  • Force update? (update) - Check this if you want the application to be overwritten if already exists.

How to use

In Clarive EE

You can find this service in the Rule Designer palette.

Op Name: Deploy WAR to Tomcat

    Tomcat server: Tomcat_server
    WAR file path: /deploys/tomcat.war
    Application path: /path/apps/
    Force update?: 0

In Clarive SE


If you want to use the plugin through the Rulebook, in any do block, use this ops as examples to configure the different parameters:

Configuration example:

rule: Tomcat demo
   - tomcat_deploy:
       instance: tomcat_instance         # Required. Use the mid set to the resource you created
       war_path: '/deploys/tomcat.war'   # Required.
       app_path: ${destination_folder} 	 # Required.
       update: "0"

This service will return the deployment message.

Possible configuration failures

Task failed

You will get an error returned by the Tomcat plugin.

Variable required

Error in rulebook (compile): Required argument(s) missing for op "tomcat_deploy": "war_path"

Make sure you have all required variables defined.

Not allowed variable

Error in rulebook (compile): Argument `webs` not available for op "tomcat_deploy"

Make sure you are using the correct paramaters (make sure you are writing the variable names correctly).

More questions?

Feel free to join Clarive Community to resolve any of your doubts.


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