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TODO: Find someone to work on the Italian translation
IDEA: hook browser resize -> reposition prompts
IMPROVE: think about aborting ajax field requests when form.submit happens $.ajax().abort();
FIXED: Arrow positioning not working for other positioning cases
FIXED: multiple forms demo: positionning issue, weird pixel gaps
DONE: Work on demo field types -> add more fields types like textarea..etc
DONE: work on translations, other languages should b out of sync at this point
DONE: Test on IE, Opera, FF, Chrome and Safari
DONE: write documentation
MAYBE NOT: split the translation files - they hold data for the demos
DONE: form ajax : use the url from form.action -> it makes more sense
DONE: implement Play validators
DONE: remove length[] validator
FIXED: Implement ajax submit
DONE: pass showArrow boolean as parameter of showPrompt
ABANDONED: rename customer rule to regex
FIXED: Overflown positioning is screwed up
DONE: Provide a minimized version
FIXED: field ajax validation works
FIXED: checkbox groups were not working
FIXED: field hook doesn't work
NOT A GOOD IDEA: use a stack for validation parsing
DONE: build demo pages -> IN PROGRESS