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A firefox add-on with an awesome history view
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This is a Firefox Add-on that displays your history visually. While you browse this add-on gathers additional meta data from the websites you visit; things like description, title, and images. When you review your history via the about:history page you'll see more useful information than just the URL and page title normally provided.


Development (Build Instructions)

  1. git clone

  2. Make sure you have an updated copy of Firefox Nightly installed.

  3. Make sure you have node (and subsequently npm) installed. Instructions for that are here.

  4. Install jpm with npm install -g jpm. jpm is a node utility for developing browser add-ons.

  5. Install about-history's node dependencies by running npm install in the about-history clone that was created in step 1.

Then from your about-history clone you can use jpm run -b nightly.

Tests can be run using jpm test -b nightly -v

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