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Changed the version to 0.1 instead of 1.0.

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tommytcchan committed Nov 28, 2011
1 parent 90e00aa commit 2ab5ae8557097c5db75f1435b55a43a42becdcac
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@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ Installation
This module isn't on the Play repo yet, so if you want to use it you'll need to install it manually.
* clone the repository and run **play build-module** inside it
-* this will give you a *dist/*
+* this will give you a *dist/*
* unzip this into *{play-home}/modules/groovy-0.1*
* create a new play groovy app: **play new groovyapp --with groovy** and wait for the dependencies to download
* enjoy your play groovy application! go forth and find some bugs

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