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Backbone.js and Coffee Script example

To run this example you'll need:

  • Ruby (>= 1.8.7)
  • Ruby gems:
  • activerecord (gem install activerecord)
  • sinatra (gem install sinatra)
  • json (gem install json)
  • sqlite3 (gem install sqlite3)

If you want to compile the .coffee files yourself, you'll need

  • NodeJS and npm
  • coffee-script (npm install -g coffee-script)

Then you can use coffee -wc to watch and compile the coffee file into javascript whenever it changes.

The Ruby server is in /server/ruby. You'll need to create a symlink in here that links ./public to /client/, e.g. ln -s ./public ../../client from the /server/ruby directory. This will let sinatra serve up the static files.

Once you've got the ruby server running, just go to http://localhost:4567/complete/index.html

If you have any trouble getting it running, feel free to ask!