@clarketm clarketm released this May 29, 2017

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v5.0.0-rc.1 new features:

  • Add new RowColMap helper class: a table preprocessing stage to collect metadata and prevent repetitive iterations for every filetype.
  • Restructure the LocalStorage helper class (removed from TableExport.prototype).
  • Add CONSTANTS to TableExport.prototype for convenient, centralized access to internal property values (as well as to prune out magic strings).
  • Rewrite the rowspan/colspan algorithm to be more precise when handling complex assortments of rowspan and colspan (fixes Rowspan and Colspan #27).
  • Added getFileSize utility method to quickly calculate the filesize of a file export.
  • Rename getBinaryData to the more semantically correct getRawData
  • Rename types to typeConfig
  • Move xlsx, xls, csv, and txt TableExport.prototype properties to be nested under the formatConfig namespace.
  • Added more examples.

npm install tableexport@5.0.0-rc.1