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A native JavaScript solution for creating responsive image-maps that rerender on image or viewport changes.

Check out the demo!

Install with npm

$ npm install image-map

Install with bower

$ bower install image-map


Add an image-map to your html page.

An image-map is an image with clickable areas. The required name attribute of the <map> element is associated with the <img>'s usemap attribute and creates a relationship between the image and the map. The <map> element contains a number of <area> elements, that defines the clickable areas in the image map.

<img usemap="#image-map" src="/path/to/image">

<map name="image-map">
      <area shape="poly" coords="22,22,231,22,264,82,232,143,22,143">
      <area shape="poly" coords="233,22,443,22,476,82,442,144,233,143,264,82">
      <area shape="poly" coords="445,22,654,22,686,81,654,143,444,143,475,82">
      <area shape="poly" coords="655,22,895,22,895,142,655,142,684,82">


To use this plugin with jQuery, include both the jQuery and image-map.js scripts, then simply call:


JavaScript (Vanilla JS)

To use this plugin with only JavaScript, include the image-map.js script, then simply call: