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WDI 10 First Project - Connect 4 Game
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First WDI 10 Project - Unit-01

WDI 10 First Project - Connect 4 Game

To run the application clone this repository and the open the index.html file in your browser.

Project description:
This is a static page Connect Four game using HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), and Javascript (jQuery) to create.

Game Objective: This is a two player game where players take turns dropping colored discs onto the game board. A player wins when they place 4 discs of their color in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Game Features:
• This game is fully playable.
• Drop buttons are above each row that simulate dropping the disc from the top.
• It will automatically throw an alert when a player wins, and it will tell you which player (Red or Black) won the game.
• The game can be reset by using the reset button. This will clear the board, and maintain the order of players. It starts with the player that did not play last (or that did not win the game).
• If the game is won by either player then the reset button becomes a New Game button.
• Player score is tracked at the bottom, and they are outlined with the color that they represent.
• Text above the board will tell the players who's turn it is (color).
• The game is responsive and will shrink to fit tablet and cell phone.

Link to the Deployed App:

Link to the Trello Board:

Link to any Wirefames or Mockups:

List of technologies, libraries, and/or frameworks used: Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were used in the making of this project.

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