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Project 2 - drinkable


This project contains examples of CRUD routes in Express for two embedded models: User and Beverages.

Languages and frameworks used to create this app are HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), Javascript (jQuery), Mongo DB, Express, and Node

To run the project:

• clone the repository and open file location in your terminal

• run npm install in the terminal

• run npm run start:dev in the terminal

• visit http://localhost:3000

App Objective:

This app, titled 'drinkable' is designed to allow a user to add beverages to a list and add information and comments about them. The purpose is to keep track to beverages that were enjoyed (or not enjoyed) so that you can refer to the list to make future decisions about your beverage choice.

This app could also be utilized by bars or business to train their servers and other employees in regards to the beverages on the list. The employer can make the detailed notes about the Beer, Wine, or Spirit, and the employee can then study the list items.



  • Full CRUD functionality for both users and beverages

  • Seperate routes were created for each beverage type. Users can view Beer, Wine, and Spirits individually

  • Responsive site using media query

  • Cloud based database deployed to Heroku


Link to the Deployed App: HEROKU APP

Link to the Trello Board: TRELLO

Link to any Wirefames or Mockups: WIREFRAMES

Link to ERD ERD

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