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JDepend Change Log
Version 2.9.1 - 5/6/05
- Fixed the GUI runner to support the -components option.
Version 2.9 - 12/27/04
- Includes the Module Dependencies fixture for FitNesse, contributed
by Bob Martin. Thanks, Bob!
- Declared components now include an implicit trailing ".".
For example, if you want to treat all sub-packages beneath
the "" package as a component, use
java jdepend.textui.JDepend -components /path/to/classes
or, programmatically, use
Note, however, that an implicit "." will be appended (""),
which means that the package "com.foobar", for example, will NOT be
included in the "" component.
- Added a version number to the JAR file.
Version 2.8 - 9/2/04
- Components can now be defined using the -components option to any
JDepend user interface.
- Added the Graphviz stylesheet (contrib/jdepend2dot.xsl) to transform
the JDepend XML format into the Graphviz dot file
format. (Contributed by David Bock.)
- Fixed a minor bug related to using the exclude tag with the JDepend
Ant task.
- Fixed a minor bug that was exhausting file descriptors for large
(2000+) file sets.
Version 2.7 - 4/10/04
- Set UTF-8 as the output encoding for the XML output so that the XML
file generated is valid if the data contains non-ASCII
characters. (Thanks to Olivier Mengue.)
Version 2.6 - 2/19/04 (Somewhere between Denver and Austin)
- Classes in .jar, .war, and .zip files are now analyzed.
- Added JavaPackage.collectAllCycles() to support the Eclipse plugin
and to start experimenting with more exhaustive cycle detection
Version 2.5 - 2/17/03
- Source-file analysis is no longer supported.
- Inner classes are now analyzed by default. To disable analyzing
inner classes, set the 'analyzeInnerClasses' property to 'false' in
the file.
- Added setFilter() method to all JDepend class variants to support
new JDepend Ant task which includes an element for excluding
packages. (Thanks to Bob Hays for updating the Ant task!)
- Added JavaClass.getSourceFile() method which returns the name of the
source file from which the analyzed class file was generated. Source
files must be compiled with debug information (e.g. -g or
-g:source), otherwise "Unknown" is returned. (Thanks to Ben Walding
for contributing this code!)
Version 2.4 - 2/5/03
- Source-file analysis is now deprecated. Please adjust to using
class-file analysis by simply pointing JDepend at directories
containing class files. The next version will not support the
analysis of source files.
- Added support for presetting a volatility (V) value on a
package-by-package basis.
- Unzips into versioned directory.
Version 2.3 - 1/3/03
- Removed java.* and javax.* from the default package filter. By
default, no packages are filtered.
- Added a constructor to jdepend.framework.JDepend that takes a
PackageFilter parameter. Filters can now be applied by using this
constructor or by creating a file in the
classPATH (see samples/
- Fixed several bugs related to properly identifying class and
interface names when parsing source files.
- Fixed bug parsing java.lang.Object
- Modified jdepend.xmlui.JDepend to always generate XML for the
English locale so that '.' is used as the decimal separator. XML
Schema identifies a float with a mandatory '.'. XSL is unable to
transform decimal separators other than ".".
- Reorganized directory structure to include top-level 'src' and
'tests' directories.
Version 2.2 - 10/25/01
- Removed validation of major/minor class file versions during class
file parsing to support Java 1.4 and beyond.
- Added "Interpreting Dependency Cycles" section to documentation.
- Clean-up of build.xml for consistency and added example use of
JDepend Ant task.
Version 2.1 - 8/6/01
- When parsing class files, constant pool class constants that refer
to array types are now properly parsed.
- When parsing source files, leading spaces are now properly parsed
for package names, imports, and class declarations.
Version 2.0 - 8/1/01
- Added support for parsing class files in addition to source files.
Class file parsing is more accurate in its ability to identify
referenced packages not directly visible from 'package' or 'import'
statements. Analyzed package references include super classes,
implemented interfaces, class attribute types, method return types,
method parameter types, method exception types, and method local
variable types. If a given directory contains both a source file and
a class file for the same Java class, then the class file is
analyzed and the source file is ignored. Class files must exist in a
directory; JAR files are not supported in this release.
Version 1.4 - 7/20/01
- Added package dependency constraints to support writing tests that
fail if any package dependency other than those declared in the
dependency constraints are detected.
- Added the jdepend.xmlui.JDepend class to generate the package
metrics, dependencies, and cycles in an XML format for easier
integration with other tools.
Version 1.3 - 7/5/01
- Package dependency cycles can now detected and the packages
participating in a package dependency cycle can be traversed. By
default, the textual UI prints the hierarchical paths of each
package dependency cycle and the graphical UI marks any packages
containing cyclic package dependencies with a "Cyclic" label.
- DistanceExampleTest was renamed to ExampleTest, which now also
contains example JUnit test methods for automatically checking for
the existence of package dependency cycles.
Version 1.2 - 5/11/01
- Recognition of 'final' and 'strictfp' class modifiers.
- Trim extra whitespace from imports and class name declaration.
- Ignore trailing comments from class name declaration.
- Add delegating addDirectory() method to the jdepend.textui.JDepend
and jdepend.swingui.JDepend classes.
- Improved command-line error handling.
Version 1.1 - 1/25/01
- Initial public release.