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Interactive Lighting add-on for Blender

Wiki :

Installation :

  • Click on the script "",
  • Click on the "RAW" button to see the script in your web browser,
  • Right Click "Save as...", to save the script with the ".py" extension on your computer (ie: "")
  • In the blender preferences, click on the "Add-ons" tab then on "Install from file..." to open the file browser,
  • Select the file you just have save "" to finish the installation.
  • A new tab "Lumiere" should appear.

Changelog :

Ver 0.9 :

  • Add groups
  • Export light
  • Export all lights in groups
  • Import light
  • Import groups

Ver 0.8 :

  • Update the doc in the WIKI

  • Update panel light

    • Add the "Keep ratio" option
      • keep the amount of light when scaling
      • keep the shape in reflection with the range
  • Update lights

    • add an empty again for duplication and less memory usage
    • add a delete icon to easily remove everything fast
    • add a "change to" option to change this light to any another one
    • change the ui with all the options
    • Add "Repeat" option in the gradient
    • Add "Random" option in the gradient that can be used with grid color or texture
  • Add the projector

    • project texture or diffuse the light as a softbox
  • Add Environment lighting

    • Use your image environment interactively
    • "Align to pixel" option to align your light source with the interactive view
    • "Change to" option, to change the widget to a sun light

Ver 0.72 :

  • All modal :
    • No need to press the key all the time. Exemple : Press [S] one time to scale the light, press [S] a second time or [LMB] to exit the modal mode.
    • Bugfix : Creating light during the edit mode was buggy / Use the image texture template.

Ver 0.71 :

  • Update constraints :
    • An empty was created with each light for the contraints ("G" : Orbit mode), which was painful to delete. No more empty !

Ver 0.70 :

  • Update UI :
    • Add a selection widget. The switch turns red to show you what light was selected.
    • Move the strengh in the upper of the panel. Easier to acces.
    • Bug fixes.

Ver 0.65 :

  • New Reflector option :
    • Turn your light into a diffuse object

Ver 0.60 :

Ver 0.55 :

  • New gradient template by Nathan Craddock (thanks 👍 )
  • Revert the mouse move to the left for decrease value, as request by VertexPainter
  • Hotkeys mapping as request by VertexPainter
  • Add HUD