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Wood procedural texture node for blender 3d
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Wood procedural texture node for blender 3d Everything is from the Bartek Skorupa conference 2014 :

Warning : Always apply the scale (CTRL+A). The texture is always facing the Z axis (Go in edit mode and rotate all the faces).

Nbr Rings : Choose the number of rings in the wood base texture

Scale Rings : Scale the number of rings

Bend values : Change the orientation of the cut

Translate : Translate the texture on the Z axis

Object info : Plug the "Object info" node into it to get random information from the object

Distord 1 : Distord the rings

Distord 2 : Will disturb the blending of the coloration for each ring (use on tiny level < 0.1)

Grain : Add noise in the blending colors off the rings (use on large level > 1000)

Rotation : Rotate the wood texture on the X, Y or Z axis

Wood base intensity : Intensity of the colors 1 and 2. 0 = color 1

Slide colors : Change the intensity of the second color for the first or the third

Large Streak : Intensity of the large streak overlayed with the wood base colors.

Large Streak color value : Add color the the streak

Small streak : Intensity of little default in the wood base texture

Small streak Nbr : Number of small streak

Bump wood : Intensity of the bump from the wood base texture

Bump Scratches : Intensity of the bump for the scratches

Scale Scratches : Density of the scratches

Pores : Intensity of the color of the pores on the wood texture

Pores scales : Density of the pores

hardwoodfloor nodebois

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