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papyrus.js renders maps of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition worlds using node.js, LevelDB and leaflet.
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Papyrus is a tool to render Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (from now on referenced as "MCBE") worlds using Leaflet. It is written in JavaScript and powered by node.js.

You can view an example here. Please also check out papyrus.js' sister-project: papyrus.cs!


Since MCBE worlds don't use the Anvil format like in the Java Edition, but rather a by Mojang modified version of Google's LevelDB to save, the goal of Papyrus is to read these worlds and assemble a render of every pre-generated chunk.


  • Render a top-down map of every already explored chunk


  • Isometric renders
  • Auto-Updating renders
  • Live-View of currently online players on map (and their respective statistics)
  • Nether/ The End support

(To-Do List)


Assuming you have node.js installed, simply clone this repo and run the following command in your favourite terminal:

npm install

Requires node.js >= 8. Before installing, you may also need to install additional dependencies:

sudo apt install cmake g++ zlib1g-dev

Otherwise, just grab one of the pre-built binaries.


./papyrus --world="./My World/" --textures="./Vanilla_Resource_Pack" --output="./output" --mode="topdown_shaded"

You are able to define a path to the texture pack you want to use for the final render. Vanilla textures will automatically be downloaded if no textures are found. You can also force papyrus.js to download the latest textures with the option --force-download. If you want to download the vanilla resourcepack manually, you can get it here.

Please note: Only 16x16px Bedrock Edition texture packs are supported!

Contribute xor support

If you want to help improving Papyrus please consider forking the repository.

Want to buy me a coffee (I love coffee)? Donate via PayPal ♥

Special thanks to...

... DeepBlue4200, mhsjlw and all the contributors.


Papyrus is in no way affiliated with Mojang or Minecraft.


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