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Stanford AI Class Algorithms

This is the unofficial code chrestomathy repository for the Stanford Online Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course based on Stanford CS221. The course focuses on machine learning, probabilistic reasoning, robotics, and natural language processing.

Implementations of any algorithms learned in the course can be developed in any language and put into this repository. All code submitted to this repository will be available freely, and licensed under the MIT License.

Current available languages

  • Clojure
  • JavaScript
  • Python

How to use

  • The repository will be divided into separate directories for each unit in the class ('unit1', 'unit2', etc).
  • Each unit will be divided into more directories for each language. ('unit1/python', 'unit1/js', 'unit2/python').
  • For each unit and language, try to write the algorithms with as few external libraries as possible and keep the code commented.
  • Unit tests for code, or even better, visualizers, are very appreciated! (but not necessary)
  • To contribute, fork the repository and add your code following the directory structure.
  • Send a pull request as soon as you're done, and your code will be merged as soon as possible.

New to Git?

Check out any one of GitHub's awesome guides.


All code is released under the MIT License.