Official Claroline Connect LMS Distribution
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Latest commit 9a70b48 Jan 18, 2017 @ngodfraind ngodfraind committed with LaurentGruber [CoreBundle] Fix open text (#1823)
* Update TextPlayerListener.php

* Update TextListener.php


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This is the official distribution package of the Claroline Connect learning management system. It is intended to be installed within the claroline/Claroline application and provides:

  1. the core bundles and components needed to get a working platform;
  2. the plugin bundles officially supported by the Claroline Consortium.


  • check if PdfGeneratorBundle is usable before activation (requires wkhtmltopdf)
  • remove the innova/angular bundles (required by portfolio)
  • remove the "innova/angular-ui-pageslide-bundle" (for path)
  • remove the front-end-bundle (required by icapbadge for jqplot and by core/Resouces/less/layout.less and by ujmexo)
  • add install and doc sections (require claroline/Claroline to be updated as well)