Compile OCaml to Coq.
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Logo CoqOfOCaml

Compile OCaml to Coq.

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Start with the file

let head l =
  match l with
  | [] -> failwith "empty list"
  | x :: _ -> x


ocamlc -bin-annot
coqOfOCaml.native -mode v main.cmt


Require Import OCaml.OCaml.

Local Open Scope Z_scope.
Local Open Scope type_scope.
Import ListNotations.

Definition head {A : Type} (l : list A) : M [ OCaml.Failure ] A :=
  match l with
  | [] => OCaml.Pervasives.failwith "empty list" % string
  | cons x _ => ret x



Add the Coq repository:

opam repo add coq-released

and run:

opam install coq-of-ocaml

With Docker

Run the Dockerfile with:

docker build --tag=coq-of-ocaml .

It will install the dependencies (can take time) and compile CoqOfOCaml. You can run the Docker image:

docker run -ti coq-of-ocaml

and make the tests:

eval `opam config env` # initialize the OPAM environment
make test


This compiler needs a working installation of OCaml and Coq, plus the following packages (can be installed using OPAM):

You have two parts to compile in order:

The Coq library

Go to CoqOfOCaml/ and run:

make install

The compiler

Go to the root folder and run:

make test


CoqOfOCaml compiles the .cmt files (generated by the OCaml compiler using the option -bin-annot) to Coq definitions and print it on the standard output:

coqOfOCaml.native -mode v file.cmt

You can start to experiment with the test files in tests/.


MIT © Guillaume Claret.