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Threepanel Continuous Integration Edition

  1. Requirements:

    • python3
    • vagrant
    • virtualbox
  2. vagrant plugin install vagrant-scp

  3. vagrant plugin install vagrant-digitalocean

  4. pyvenv ./threepenv

  5. source threepenv/bin/activate

  6. pip install --upgrade pip

  7. pip install -r requirements.txt

  8. Set environment variables. You might add these to your .bashrc or .bash_profile

    export DIGITALOCEAN_API_TOKEN="digitalooooocean"
    export DJANGO_PROJECT_SLUG="threepanel"
    export DJANGO_DEBUG="True"
    export DJANGO_DOMAIN=""
    export DJANGO_ADMIN_NAME="Curtis Lassam"
    export DJANGO_ADMIN_EMAIL=""
    export MANDRILL_KEY="maaaaandriiiiiilllll"
    export DJANGO_SECRET_KEY="seeeecreeeet"
    export POSTGRES_DB_PASSWORD="daaaaatabaaaaaaase"
    export PAPERTRAIL_SERVER="logs.papertrail.whatever:12345"
  1. If you're running this from a Windows computer, you might need to add
    export DOS2UNIX_ENABLED="True"
  1. The server that points to is going to change a lot, so add this to your ssh config:
    StrictHostKeyChecking no
    User vagrant
  1. invoke install