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TenFourFox: Mozilla for Power Macintosh

A port of modern Firefox to the Power Mac, supporting Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5, with special features and optimizations for PowerPC processors and AltiVec. This project is not affiliated with nor supported by Mozilla in any way, and is not an official build. PowerPC forever!

This project is specifically for Mac OS X 10.4+. If you're looking for a browser for Mac OS 8.6-10.3, look at our sister project, Classilla.

Our Github project site houses our documentation wiki and issues list. For downloads from 24.0 through the current version, visit our SourceForge download repository. The most current downloads are always linked on the main TenFourFox home page.

If you are an end-user, or otherwise not an official contributor, do not file issues on Github. Please visit our Tenderapp support site and one of our helpful volunteers will assist. Issues opened by end users may be closed as invalid if they have not been adequately vetted.

Follow the TenFourFox Development blog!

Historical downloads prior to 24.0 and older versions of documentation may still be available from our old Google Code project for as long as Google deigns to keep it running.