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When a product media gallery includes a vimeo video, this extension will add some additional functionality to the gallery.

  • Auto play the video after the gallery has finished loaded if the video is the first item in the gallery.
  • Skip to the next item in the gallery after the video has finished playing for the first time.
  • Display the video iframe with fixed height/width at each break point to remove any black bars.
    • The assumption with the fixed height/width at each breakpoint is that all product videos will have a 4:5 aspect ratio. The fixed sizes maintain that aspect ratio while sizing the video to fit/fill the gallery container.

Usage Instructions

To use this extension you can follow these steps.

  • Add a vimeo video to a product as the first item in the gallery and as the base image.
  • Go to that product page in the frontend.
  • See the video auto play, and then switch to the next item in the gallery.


For this module to work, the changes from the following urls must be applied as patches to the Magento installation:


  • The styles in this extension does not discriminate by video source. Some of the styles will effect a YouTube video slide the same as a Vimeo slide.
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