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Trip Planner

By: Claudia Vargas

Welcome to my Project!

This is an app that intend to help people to plan trips. It allows you to save and organize the information needed to plan successfully a trip. You can find different fields to register the information and a map (in the future) to help you to choose the right place to go and the transportation available.

App screenshot



  • React.js

Installation instructions

User stories

As a user:

  • I want to sign-up, sign-in, change-password, and sign-out.
  • I want to create a new trip.
  • I want to retrieve one specific trip.
  • I want to retrieve all the trips I created.
  • I want to update a trip.
  • I want to delete a trip.
  • Using a map I want to check transportation and location information related to my trip.


Unsolved problems or major hurdles

  • Improve the look of the page.
  • Integrate Google Map Api.
  • Show messages to tell the user when an action didn't work.
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