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claudehohl committed Sep 29, 2017
1 parent 6228dff commit 21b4ff3b2ece5f8bd7ccce0c065a980fd56e5dae
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* iem@kug, umläute (Footer fix)
* Ridho Muhammad (Update geshi.php with php7 fix, indonesian translation)
* azdrax, Zacharias Sdregas (Added greek translation)
* John Walker (YOURLS support)
* John Walker (YOURLS support and several improvements)
* Christian (BBCode support)
* Shen-Ta Hsiea (updated traditional chinese translation)
* haliphax (Fixed cssmin library)
* haliphax (Fixed cssmin library)
* YangJun (Fix language.php small mistakes of chinese-simplified)
* Justin Massey (LDAP improvements, xss security fixes, Dockerfiles)
* Nilpferd (Shorturl is now shown for 'burn' pastes after creation)
* Pascal Briehl (add support for polr url shortener)
* Simon Sickle (Protect the langs api call with the apiKey)
* John Walker (some minor additions)

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