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This project is no longer supported. Please consider Kafka Manager instead.

Kafka Web Console

Kafka Web Console is a Java web application for monitoring Apache Kafka. With a modern web browser, you can view from the console:

  • Registered brokers


  • Topics, partitions, log sizes, and partition leaders


  • Consumer groups, individual consumers, consumer owners, partition offsets and lag


  • Graphs showing consumer offset and lag history as well as consumer/producer message throughput history.


  • Latest published topic messages (requires web browser support for WebSocket)

topic feed

Furthermore, the console provides a JSON API described in RAML. The API can be tested using the embedded API Console accessible through the URL http://[hostname]:[port]/api/console.


  • Play Framework 2.2.x
  • Apache Kafka 0.8.x
  • Zookeeper 3.3.3 or 3.3.4


Consult Play!'s documentation for deployment options and instructions.

Getting Started

  1. Kafka Web Console requires a relational database. By default, the server connects to an embedded H2 database and no database installation or configuration is needed. Consult Play!'s documentation to specify a database for the console. The following databases are supported:

    • H2 (default)
    • PostgreSql
    • Oracle
    • DB2
    • MySQL
    • Apache Derby
    • Microsoft SQL Server

    Changing the database might necessitate making minor modifications to the DDL to accommodate the new database.

  2. Before you can monitor a broker, you need to register the Zookeeper server associated with it:

register zookeeper

Filling in the form and clicking on Connect will register the Zookeeper server. Once the console has successfully established a connection with the registered Zookeeper server, it can retrieve all necessary information about brokers, topics, and consumers:



Please report any bugs or desired features.