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Methods to use an int as a bit set of small values. Uses 32 bits for a bit set and offers high performance for algorithms. Designed for Java 8 and compatible with common interfaces and classes.




I did this when I had an assignment for a sudoku solver/generator. I needed a fast way to handle sets that could contain 1 to 9. Then I extended it with the common methods you'd need for a set. You can use this whenever you need some very fast way to handle sets of small integers.

An int only allows 32 values (0 to 31), but it would be easy to switch to long. That would be mostly search/replace. The elements in the set would still be bytes. But don't forget to replace 1 by 1L.

Newer versions of Java might support value types (cf []) . Then this can be changed to such a value type and the methods would not need to be static.


import static ch.claude_martin.smallset.SmallSet.*;
import ch.claude_martin.smallset.SmallSet;
// ...
void static process(byte b) { // ...
// ...
  int set = of(1,3,4,7); // [1,3,4,7]
  set = add(set, (byte) 9); // [1,3,4,7,9]
  set = union(set, ofRange(12, 32)); // [1,3,4,7,9,12,...,31]
  containsAll(set, Arrays.asList(3,7));// true
  set = complement(set); // [0,2,5,6,8,10,11]
  System.out.println(SmallSet.toString(set)); // "(0,2,5,6,8,10,11)"
  for(byte b : iterate(set)) process(b);
  forEach(set, b -> process(b)); 
  int sum;
  sum = reduce(set, 0, Integer::sum); // 42
  sum = reduce(set, Integer::sum).orElse(0); // 42
  sum = sum(set); // 42

Check out the javadoc for more methods:

Or browse the code. There are only 3 classes (plus a JUnit test class).


There's a branch for a version in which SmallSet in an inline class. It only works with a JDK that supports this. It's available as a preview but it's not officially released with any JDK yet. I expet that they will release a preview after the next LTS release (Java 17?) and will add it to a later LTS as an official feature of the Java language.


Fast bit set operations for byte values.






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