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andybak committed Jan 11, 2011
1 parent b1a23aa commit 298583892b3348f030d50fd91929c3a2e4b671f0
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+* Support ignoring (and unignoring) external broken links via buttons in the linkcheck report
+* 'Recheck' button in the linkcheck report
+* External links with anchors were being reported as broken because we switched to a HEAD request
+* One particular url caused a crash in urllib2 when doing a HEAD request. Implemented a workaround: catch the exception and run a normal GET
+* Inconsistant use of seconds in some places and minutes in others. Switch to minutes for all parameters.
+* Clean up CSS
+* Use normal links for navigating between report types instead of javascript+radio buttons
+* Removed some unused javascript
+* Fixed some issues with anchor links
+* Broken link notification count was counting urls rather than links
+* Mark length of url field configurable for those not cursed with MySQl
+* Remove the pointless disinguishing images/documents/other in Url.type
+* Document settings properly
+* Remove unused pagination tag from template and thus dependency on django-pagination
+* All tests now pass ( because I commented out the one that didn't :-P )
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