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Softimage ICE Node to get the Spectrum from a Wave file
C++ C Objective-C
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What is it?

Softimage ICE Node to get the Spectrum from a Wave file.


Blog post:

Demo Scene:


64 bits - Windows Loads all Wave file in memory. Only WAVe, but not all Waves... Very Limited testing; let me know if it fails, send the scene along: claude.vervoort at gmail dot com.

Also this is a hobby of mine, and my first attempt to any non-trivial plugin, so rough on the edges (still scratching my head on some of the SI failures).

What's in it?

3 Visual Studio 2010 projects:

  • fft_wav_analyzer: static lib - for Wave Loading and FFT decomposition using Kiss FFT

  • fft_wav_main: application - very basic OpenGL visualization tool, mostly used for debugging (32 bits only)

  • wavespectrum_icenode: dll, Softimage XSI Plug-in: the actual custom ICE node using fft_wav_analyzer lib

How to use it

You can either install the Add-On or directly install the DLL as a plugin.

Tip to create the Wave: there is more than one Wave, and guess what, this is using the most basic one. So if your wave does not work, here is what gave me good results: using the I-Tunes Wave Encoder.


Again, I would not qualify myself as a C++ expert or a Softimage SDK wizard. Well wizard maybe in the sense that I got it to work somehow :)


There are video tutorial on the plugin on Vimeo and on my own website:


Let me know if anything I've used is not the 'proper'/'best' way to do it. I love to learn!


KISS FFT: Wave Loader code from Wave file format info from


Feel free to use/abuse/transform. No restriction. If you happen to really use it, I'd love to know though!

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