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Creates an IOT topic rule and configures the Lambda to run when a message is published on a matching IOT Gateway topic


claudia add-iot-topic-rule {OPTIONS}


  • --sql: the IOT SQL Statement for the topic filter, see
    • For example: SELECT * FROM 'iot/+'
  • --ruleName: (optional) The name of the topic rule
    • For example: temperaturecheck
    • Defaults to: a random autogenerated name
  • --description: (optional) topic rule description
    • For example: Checks temperature limits
    • Defaults to: empty
  • --sqlVersion: (optional) IOT SQL Language version used in the SQL statement, see
    • For example: beta
    • Defaults to: 2015-10-08
  • --version: (optional) Bind to a particular version
    • For example: production
    • Defaults to: latest version
  • --source: (optional) Directory with project files
    • Defaults to: current directory
  • --config: (optional) Config file containing the resource names
    • Defaults to: claudia.json