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Set up Kinesis Data Stream event triggers


claudia add-kinesis-event-source {OPTIONS}


  • --stream: Kinesis data stream name or ARN
    • For example: analytics-events
  • --batch-size: (optional) The batch size for the Lambda event source mapping
    • For example: 50
    • Defaults to: 100
  • --starting-position: (optional) The stating position for the event source. Can be LATEST, TRIM_HORIZON or AT_TIMESTAMP. Check out for detailed info on values
    • For example: AT_TIMESTAMP
    • Defaults to: LATEST
  • --starting-timestamp: (optional) The initial timestamp when starting-position is set to AT_TIMESTAMP. Check out for detailed info
    • For example: Wed Dec 31 1969 16:00:00 GMT-0800 (PST)
  • --skip-iam: (optional) Do not try to modify the IAM role for Lambda to allow Kinesis execution
    • For example: true
  • --version: (optional) Alias or numerical version of the lambda function to execute the trigger
    • For example: production
  • --source: (optional) Directory with project files
    • Defaults to: current directory
  • --config: (optional) Config file containing the resource names
    • Defaults to: claudia.json
  • --aws-delay: (optional) number of milliseconds betweeen retrying AWS operations if they fail
    • For example: 3000
    • Defaults to: 5000
  • --aws-retries: (optional) number of times to retry AWS operations if they fail
    • For example: 15
    • Defaults to: 15