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Add a notification event to Lambda when a file is added to a S3 bucket, and set up access permissions


claudia add-s3-event-source {OPTIONS}


  • --bucket: S3 Bucket name which will push notifications to Lambda
  • --prefix: optional Prefix filter for S3 keys that will cause the event
    • For example: infiles/
  • --version: optional Bind to a particular version
    • For example: production
    • Defaults to: latest version
  • --source: optional Directory with project files
    • Defaults to: current directory
  • --config: optional Config file containing the resource names
    • Defaults to: claudia.json
  • --events: optional Comma separated list of event types that trigger the function
    • For example: s3:ObjectCreated:,s3:ObjectRemoved:
    • Defaults to: s3:ObjectCreated:*